Paul Chadney

Since watching BBC’s Troubleshooter with Sir John Harvey-Jones in the early 90’s I’ve been fascinated by business and what makes each business tick. It was always about the people behind the business and how their dynamic, attitude and drivers influenced how that business would perform.

Business is highly personal, no two businesses are the same. People drive business, business doesn’t drive people.

In one of its episodes, The Troubleshooter series followed Morgan Motor Cars. My uncle has briefly worked for Morgan and that gave me a connection to the whole process and Sir John’s analysis of Morgan became personal. That’s how it should be, it’s very personal.

When I decided to switch from lending roles to being a consultant it was a leap of faith and the culmination of 30 years of experience telling me I could go it alone.

It’s been life-changing.

Time is often our most valuable resource and understanding your motivation on a personal level is the essential part I need to tune in to. Without that understanding how can I see your intentions and how your decision-making is affected by that motivating force?

My aim is simple, understanding you and your business.

I live in Lympstone and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle spending time with loved ones and businesses I’m close to. I have three amazing daughters and they keep me on my toes!

Why Capisce?

I called the business Capisce – it’s Italian for he/she/it understands – my sister is married to an Italian and they live near Brescia, plus yes my favourite film is The Godfather and Sonny Corleone uses the phrase.